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As a textile artist, I am captivated by the natural world's beauty and how it can amplify the organic essence of the female form. My artwork is an exploration of the intricate interplay between feminity and nature, where I use various materials, such as wool, linen, and cotton, to create intricate designs that emphasize the curves and shapes of the feminine body.

My art serves to accentuate the natural beauty of the female form while simultaneously drawing inspiration from the patterns and textures found in the natural world. I incorporate natural motifs, botanical patterns, and other organic elements to create designs that celebrate the feminine spirit's interconnectedness with the natural environment.

Through the tactile nature of textile art, I am able to capture the inherent softness and strength of feminity, and express the beauty and complexity of the natural world simultaneously. The texture of the fibres and the interplay of colours in my art serve to convey the many facets of the feminine spirit and the diversity of nature.

In essence, my textile art is a tribute to the remarkable beauty and complexity of the feminine form and a testament to the enduring power of nature to inspire and transform.

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Timorplein 53

1094 CC Amsterdam


KVK: 65626532

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